Ready in stock – it means that the product is available in our warehouse or in our partner warehouse, ready for the shipment. If the products are available in our warehouse, the goods will be delivered within 1/2 weeks, contrariwise if the products are available in our partner’s warehouse, the goods will be delivered within 3/4 weeks.
Available – it means that the products are available for quotation with our best price and best delivery time

By clicking on each brand, you will see the different supply options:

1 – Add to cartthis option will allow you to add the required Ready in stock product to the main cart, so to send directly your purchasing request and to receive the confirmation within 48 hours

2 – Add to quotethis option will allow you to add any Available or Ready in stock* product to the Request a Quote Cart (in the main Menu). By using this option, you will send us the quotation request for the products you selected, to which we will reply as soon as possible with the best price available price.

*for these products, you can choose this option if the indicated price does not satisfy your needs. We will check through our partners’ network and send you the best available conditions


In compliance with our company’s directives, we are obliged not to clog our server – therefore you won’t find the products’ datasheets on Intech Store. You can ask for them at the moment of the requests’ confirmation – I’ll be glad to send you the selected products’ detailed datasheets


We inform our customers that orders with amounts below € 250 will not be taken into consideration


The prices you find on this site are the result of special conditions with the aim of selling off unsold products in stock, therefore, strictly related to the availability of products reported on the site. If the request exceeds availability, we are not able to ensure that the offered price remains the same.