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Intech Store compiles an extensive list of all the industrial automation products available for immediate order. We will be updating this list regularly, so do keep our online store page in your bookmarks to keep abreast of the latest updates on product availability! Contact us now to receive a non-obligatory quotation from any of our friendly international sales agents.

Sell your products: Intech Store is an online platform to help all our business partners push slow-moving goods in their product inventory. The following list contains all the industrial automation products that are currently available on offer, while stocks last.

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Industrial Automation Stock on Offer

Industrial automation stock available for immediate order.  Contact us now to receive a non-obligatory quotation.

Brand Part Number QTY Request
Moeller 169475 1 Enquire now
STM 1610003 2 Enquire now
Panam PMCM1202 20 Enquire now
Ferraz Shawmut TRM1/2 75 Enquire now
Gefran PY-2-C-010 0224X000X00 4 Enquire now
Klemsan 552013 194 Enquire now
di-el KB 8 4 Enquire now
Schneider Electric LA1KN11 4 Enquire now
Balluff BDG 6110-2-05-1024-65 3 Enquire now
Bailey Controls IMMFP12 1 Enquire now
Schneider Electric NMG16060 3 Enquire now
Crydom 84140000 8 Enquire now
Telemecanique XB4BD33 27 Enquire now
Cutler Hammer W22 31 Enquire now
Klemsan 590031 1400 Enquire now
Siemens 3TX4210-0D 1 Enquire now
Micro Detectors SS2/LP-0E 4 Enquire now
Weidmuller 7940006051 1700 Enquire now
Schneider Electric XCSA501 1 Enquire now
Carlo Gavazzi VP03EP 1 Enquire now
Kontron 0-0073-1897 1 Enquire now
Moeller 266156 1 Enquire now
Sick 1025911 20 Enquire now
Balluff BNS 819-100 K-11 20 Enquire now
Schneider Electric ZA2BV04 2 Enquire now
Moeller 263393 2 Enquire now
Schneider Electric NMGKSB400ZF1 68 Enquire now
Sick 6027944 15 Enquire now
Siemens 3RT1016-1AP01 2 Enquire now
Moeller 276687 6 Enquire now

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